The MOBH Family Charity

The concept of ‘paying it forward’ is one that is fundamental to our entire philosophy and applies to no-one more than to our Chairman’s father, whose legacy lives on through the generations of today.

From humble beginnings in the 1950’s, Mohammad Omar Bin Haider Senior was renowned as a compassionate and caring individual who looked after sailors, the less fortunate and local folk, without a thought to himself.

It is possible to consider that through giving a roof and food to returning sailors, our founding father established the roots of both the MOBH charity and the our hospitality business all those years ago.

Through the years, our capability and appetite to help those less fortunate has grown tremendously and today, through the sponsorship of over 1800 orphans world-wide, regardless of faith, creed or color, we lead the way in the provision of food for the poor and those afflicted by disasters and we provide unparalleled support in digging wells for clean,
safe drinking water.

Not content just to feed and clothe, the family charity also provides education, religious and emotional support through the building of mosques, schools and community centers across the continents. Here in UAE our Chairman is founder, patron and funder of the successful talent program that supports the gifted to achieve their potential.

Enshrined in the personality of his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, our founders legacy lives on.

Omar Bin Abdul Aziz Quran Center

Al Thuraya SchoolThe Omar bin Abdulaziz Center for Qur’an Memorization is a center established in the year 1421 Hijri equivalent to the year 2000 AD and it is a stand for God Almighty accredited by the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable ِActivities and the goal is to memorize the Qur’an and teach the rules of intonation and to teach the principles of his recitation in the correct way and We are always pleased to instill Islamic values ​​in the hearts of our children and all women of all ages residing on the land of our beloved Emirates.

The Center holds courses in jurisprudence and intonation annually and motivational competitions to enhance the spirit of competition to preserve the Book of God Almighty.

Mohammad Omar Bin Haider Charity EST.

Al Thuraya SchoolVision: Mohammed Omar Bin Haider Charity seeks to bring hope to the needy people , reviving charitable endowments , which it’s a  of the our Arab lives  And our Islamic culture.

Mission: Our job is to help eligible from individuals, families and societies by all possible means , to improve them to economically, socially and culturally.

Value: We do believes that the societies need to feel that they are as same as one body , extending their hands to each person no matter the difference in their colors , races and cultures.

The First Karate Championship of late Omar Ali bin Haider

Support program for high achievers academically students