Another momentous milestone is added to the journey of MOBH Holding Group.

Forbes, a leading global media company, has recognized our enduring commitment to excellence by listing us among the Top 100 Arab Family Businesses in 2024. This underscores our unwavering dedication to business innovation, economic contribution, and community development.

The inclusion in Forbes’ Top 100 is not just an honor to our legacy but also a testament to the collective efforts of our dynamic team. For years, MOBH Holding Group has been at the forefront of industry innovation, demonstrating robust growth and resilience in challenging market conditions. This recognition is a reflection of our strategic vision and the successful execution of our diversification policies that continue to drive our progress forward.

We remain committed to upholding the high standards that have earned us this distinguished position. Our focus on sustainable practices, community engagement, and customer satisfaction continues to be the driving force behind our business operations.

We look forward to building on this success and achieving greater heights.