Neptune One

Neptune One Trading & Petroleum Services is the commodities trading arm of MOBH Holding Group

Who We Are

Neptune One is a regional Oil & Gas commodity trading company which provides a broad range of information, insights, products, and services for the business community, and seeks investments in all major Oil and Gas markets across the globe.

Wholly owned by MOBH Holding Group, Neptune One is a fully integrated division and the result of a very long trading experience in Petroleum commodities. Through our heritage, we have developed a world-class operation, enabling the business to compete effectively on a global scale.

Our key objectives

  • We seek long-term commercial relationships, reflected in our growing network of trusted suppliers and customers, which include the world’s largest oil companies as well as refiners, producers, and independent trading houses.
  • We focus on the development of oil and gas-based industries and other energy and energy related projects in partnership with international industry players, capturing and creating incremental margin from optimization of the value chain in the oil and gas sector.
  • We actively pursue commercial ventures in the energy value chain to provide an alternate source of revenue.

Our Products

The petroleum products we trade are Crude Oil, LPG, LNG, Jet Fuel-JP 54/A1, and ULSD 10 ppm. Neptune One sources Oil & Gas products from a growing network of reputable partners and producers generating significant economies of scale and thus resulting in low overall costs while focusing on the quality.

Our product procurement team conducts extensive due diligence to ensure reliable supply and on-SPEC product.

Crude Oil


Jet A-1